Viking Pendants

Add the perfect touch of Viking style to any necklace with a Viking Pendants from Dark Knight Armoury! We carry an assortment of intricate Nordic pendants featuring designs from Norse mythology, culture, and art. A number of our pendants depict noteworthy gods and goddesses like Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya, and Tyr, as well as items like Mjolnir. Other pieces feature designs of Viking longships, Viking shields, Viking axes, and the Viking warriors themselves. Crafted from high quality materials like pewter, sterling silver, white bronze, and gold, a number of these Nordic pendants also display shimmering gemstones as an accent. None of the pendants in this category come with a chain or cord, allowing you the freedom to choose your preferred method of wearing these pieces. Take a moment to browse our fantastic selection to see the many different items we have on offer.
The central triangles are called «The Valknut, The Knot of the Fallen»-a Sacred Symbol to Odin, King of the Nordic Gods. This Magical Knot was self carved into the breasts of wounded Viking Warriors so their Souls would be carried, by the Valkyries, to Valhalla, the Heavenly Meeting Hall where the heroes would feast with their Gods forever. Norse legends harken back to a long forgotten age where…»Life was considered the ‘battlefield’ of the Soul, and to triumphant one had to overcome the forces of darkness in one’s own life, allowing the Spirit to shine. Surrounding the Valknut is a ring with 9 points, symbolic of Odin’s Magic Ring. Nine is described in ancient Norse texts as a Magical Number, a number of Grand Cycles, and Completion and Closure, This Magical Ring was laid on the funeral pyre of Odin’s son, Baldr (the sun), and represents Reincarnation. Designed by artist Kano Diebitsch, this pendant leads the wearer’s Higher Self to victory over darkness, and to balance the triple triangles of mind, body, and spirit bringing resurrection and rebirth.
Schone Thor’s hammer was forged by the dwarves Sindri and Brokk. Mjölnir or «The Crusher». A replica of Thor’s hammer of Viking Age, 1000 A.D. Just as Christians used a cross as a symbol, in the last of the Viking period pagans used the hammer of their popular god Thor as a decoration and amulet. Wearers of the Thor’s hammer pendant hope to invoke the favour of the god Thor. The symbol represents Thor’s hammer which he employs to create thunder and to smite the Giants. Each sterling silver piece of our Nordic necklaces are handcrafted from solid .925 sterling silver. Each design is a copy of an original Viking artifact, or a similar design. Our handcrafted silver Viking jewelry are bold with masculine contours.

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